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COMPLETE– Description: Navigate your way through war, love, and loss. Being the reigning monarch isn’t easy, and being female makes it even more complicated. Find your path as queen, or not. [CC, M/F LI]

Read Filthy Royals.

COMPLETE– Description: No one told you being smart would attract the attention of the hottest guys in school… And now your ex is back? The ride to college isn’t easy, is it? [2 LI]

Read Good Looks, Good Books.

ONGOING-Description: Women aren’t supposed to be smart, but technology doesn’t discriminate. As the strongest hacker in the country in the center of the public eye, how long can you keep your secret?

Read The Vigilante.

ONGOING- Description: On a quest to find your father’s killer, you find yourself unexpectedly getting closer and closer to the supposed enemy. Will you find the killer without losing yourself? [2 LI]

Read Faded Memories.

ONGOING-Description: The COO of New York’s biggest company and biggest bad girl, Blair Fowler, has been caught getting into trouble again. Can she change her bad girl ways when the CEO goes missing?


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What is being an Episode author really like?

Published on 19 September 2020 by Kyla R. Note: This blog post will be one in a part of a series. From time to time when I feel like something I experience as an author needs to be shared, I will post and share it on my Instagram. Until then, enjoy! I’ve had enough people […]

My Tips for New Authors

Are you interested in writing in an online community? Want to know some of my most repeated tips that I swear by after years of writing?

Independence: Real v. Perceived

Whether you feel as if you’re dependent on your parents, friends, or partner(s)… Sometimes we all feel as if we aren’t contributing much to the pile.So how can you be more independent with the help of others? Here are some things that have helped me.