Learn more about me first…

Published on 22 December 2019 by Kyla R.

Hey, my name is Kyla, but I go by Lucina online. I am a interactive story writer who is still in college, unsure of what the future brings for me. This blog is starting today so I can share my journey with you and others to let everyone know that whether you are past this point in your life, stuck in a rut like I am, or know someone who may be stuck— everyone is somewhere.

Follow me on my journey through University as I learn who I am and who I wish to become. I wish to give out my support, form a community, and simply be a smiling face from behind my laptop screen (Yes, I am a laptop gal and not a desktop.). I wish to connect much farther than just an online community and become friends with you…especially you.

If you’re interested in learning more about me, here is my story.

I am a current sophomore in university (AKA a second year) going into my 2nd year Spring semester. I have had many doubts about my major in the past, but have never put an extraordinary amount of thought into it. But as I lose time, piling up debt and thinking about what could have been, I have formed a new perspective that I wish to inform others of so that they may not make the same mistake as I did, and currently am.

Expect many things from the blog. Consistency, love, and an immense amount of appreciation. But also variety. Posts about undergraduate schooling, doubts of my future (as every pre-adult will have), my wishes and aspirations (as well as yours), and some of my past works during my last few years. I look forward to what this blog has to come and the community I will form with you.

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