Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Published on 27 December 2019 by Kyla R.

Are you interested in getting higher education? Whether it be just because you simply want it or need it for the jobs you are looking for, timing may not always be in your favor. Maybe you have a job that is vital to paying your bills and don’t have the time to physically sit in a classroom. Or maybe you just don’t fare well in university/college environments. No matter what your situation is, getting an online bachelor’s degree may be for you.

What is a bachelors degree?

In it’s simplest form, a bachelor’s degree is a four-year (more or less) degree consisting of undergraduate coursework.

Types of Bachelor’s Degrees:

B.A. and B.S. Both are bachelor’s degrees, meaning four year degrees! The only difference is the focus of coursework. B.A. is a bachelor of the arts, meanwhile B.S. is bachelor of sciences.

Note: Online classes at a university or college does not necessarily constitute as schools who offer bachelor’s degrees fully online. Example: Florida State University offers a variety of online classes, but the majority of classes are required to be in person. You are unable to fully get a bachelor’s via only online courses.

Schools that offer Online Degrees

Embry-Riddle: Known as the number one online university for six consecutive years, Embry-Riddle features their online technology on their site, including video conferencing to give a class-room feel to your courses. Learn more about the school and what it offers here.

Arizona State University: I learned about this institution through Starbucks (see below) but it is offered to anyone and everyone! A list of majors are offered fully online. All you need to do is tell them what you’re interested in and they will get in contact with you through here.

Starbucks with Arizona State University: As a past barista, I can vouch for this incredible program! Starbucks will cover one-hundred percent of your tuition with ASU online. You can be either part-time or full-time to take advantage of this benefit, but you need to hit a threshold of hours every week in order to keep your tuition covered! Eligibility depends on how long you’ve been working. For more information tap here.

Ashford University: I’ve seen several ads for this college online. With a great array of majors (mainly focused around non-STEM majors, but there are health majors) Ashford offers more than fifty online degree programs. There is limited information on how exactly the program works, but more can be learned but inputting your contact information into a form and waiting for their response here. They also offer other programs such as associates, masters, and doctoral, which can be found here.

Keiser University: This school offers either fully remote (online), on campus, or a combination of both. This may be a perfect option for those who aren’t sure which is best for them and want to experience a new area! They also offer other programs alongside bachelors like other schools on this list. Request more information here.

University of Florida: Listed as one of the top online universities in 2019, UF offers twenty one different majors for the bachelor’s degree. Just like an on-campus student, you also have access to the university’s career services. Learn more and get in touch here.

Some other schools…

  • UNF
  • UWG
  • University of Alaska
  • ASU (Arkansas State University)
  • Valdosta State University
  • University of North Dakota
  • More can be found here.

Note: Not all majors are able to get a bachelor’s through online classes. Do your research before applying by looking at the school’s websites.

So long as you are focused an stay on top of coursework, an online bachelor’s degree program may be perfect for you. Beware, however, that some campus graduate programs may look down at online coursework.

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