5 Tips for Working/Studying at Home

Published on 27 March 2020 by Kyla R.

Yes, most of the world’s working population has either been sent home already, or are on the verge of being send back. But no worries! While working from home for most can feel daunting and troublesome, it does not need to be! After my first official week home, I’ve learned to adjust accordingly and truly find what works best for me… and I hope you get that too!

1. Set up a work/study space.

Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong! A work space is not as simple as just sitting down wherever you wish and bringing your laptop. Just like making your bed is the first step to making your room seem cleaner, creating a designated work space is what makes your mind feel in the right mind-space.

For me, personally, all I need is my laptop, some paper, pens or pencils, and my laptop charger plugged into an outlet. It’s pretty simple! And yours should be too! You don’t need an unnecessary fancy desk space that’s decked out in decorations and thousands of post-its. Unless that’s your style and that keeps you focused. If that’s your case...go for it!

2. Keep a routine and set a schedule.

You would think this is pretty self-explanatory, but it seems not! It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole of waking up every morning without an alarm clock and not brushing your teeth because you live alone and won’t be seeing anybody for the next…however long you’ll be quarantined. But trust me… your brain and your pearly white teeth will be thanking you and the end of all of this.

Keeping a set schedule also helps your body run on auto-pilot mode, just as it would at work! It’s easier to work and focus when that’s all you can remember, and doing just that at a similar pace and schedule without distractions can help with that!

And that brings me to my next point…

3. Let your roomates/family know your schedule and have them stick to it.

Make sure your family/roomates/dog/cat know what your schedule is! And make sure they understand how important it is that they let you stick to it is. It’s all too distracting when you’re trying to finish a report and your roomate begins playing the television on the highest volume in the next room.

If they respect you and your time, the silence will help you focus…seriously. There’s nothing better than some silence, and maybe some music from time to time. I always recommend some good ole’ Lofi Hip Hop music to get you in the mood! And if I’m being honest, I hated those songs at first. My brain, however, has finally got the idea! When this music is playing, it’s focus time.

4. Leave your house!

For the love of all that is good… please get out of your home! Trust me when I tell you that staying home for days on end, whether it be alone or with others, it will drive you insane! I’m not telling you to go to a restaurant (which is likely open to just drive through, if at all) or go have a party or anything like that. Take a walk! Walk your dog (or an imaginary one), take a jog, sit outside your front door! Anything just to get yourself outside and breathing some fresh air instead of being stuck inside.

For real though… Have you ever noticed how often we go outside of our house on a typical work day? You go to work, you come back. That’s already leaving a building twice, given you work in a building at all. If I had to count, I leave a building about ten times a day! Why do some people think staying inside will do anything? Get some fresh air people! And lastly…

5. Be positive.

I’ve heard all too many people freaking out about all that is going on in our world right now. And trust me, I get it. I do. But what can you personally do about it? If you have a job that doesn’t personally help patients, all you can really do is stay at home and stay away from people via social distancing. That’s all you can do, and if you can do more (sewing face masks for hospitals, online volunteering, etc.) and want to, go for it! Nobody will be stopping you!

But for any of you out there who find all that’s happening as “no big deal…” please reconsider. You can believe whatever you wish, but please protect those who cannot protect themselves. Whether it be for them or for the fact that you can feel like a better person, please be safe.

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