Two Video Games You Should Pick up During COVID-19

Published on 1 April, 2020 by Kyla R.

Don’t get me wrong…I understand that not everybody enjoys playing video games. And I know better than most that many people do absolutely adore playing video games during the time of the pandemic and not. But today, I’m going to recommend some games I’ve played in the past that I’ve loved playing again during my COVID-19 lockdown.

During hard times and the immense amount of people losing their jobs, it’s not ideal for spending money on console games, or any games at all. But if it passes the time quickly and makes you happy, I find that it’s something that can really bring you joy. You can find the Nintendo Switch console here and at other retailers at well. I would recommend looking into the differences for the Switch and the Switch Lite and save you money if one is too much for you!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Yes, I have hopped onto the hype-train for this new switch game. I had played Animal Crossing: New Leaf on my Nintendo 3DS (when it was the most popular thing, of course) and loved it then. I knew it was time to try this one when I saw all the hype it was receiving on all my Snapchat and Instagram friends’ stories.

But why is it such a big deal? Why would anyone want to live in a virtual world with a character that barely looks like you and chop wood all day, talking to funky looking animals? This is why.

Playing with Friends

Playing with friends who I can’t have physical contact with has really helped me feel less lonely! And flaunting my beautiful home and the fact that I have all but one type of fruit on my island to my pals makes it all the better.

Visiting friends (and stealing their fruit) can make you a ton of money, which is always helpful. You can take a look at their museum, their home, and their friendly island villagers/residents.

You can chat, but I prefer texting them and calling instead since it doesn’t stop you from continuing exploring their island.

See how to have your friends visit your island here!

It’s Time to Grind

Animal Crossing is easily understood as a grinding game, meaning that it requires time and effort, not skill to succeed. Personally, these are my favorite types of games. There is no competition, and your villagers encourage you to actually chill on your island and take your time. It’s an island! There’s no rush for anything.

There are so many things to do just in one day. For me, I wake up and play a few hours before going on my day if I have the day off. I start with shaking all my trees (to get fruit, coins, or furniture), fish when I see fish around and catch insects when I see them, get wood from trees, hit all the rocks, etc. It’s more work than you’d think, but it’s so gratifying when you’re able to make new furniture, expand your house, or getting new residents to your island.


Overall this game is currently my favorite and is incredible! It’s very kid-friendly for those of you with children who can’t seem to leave you alone when you’re working from home as well.

Learn more about the game or purchase it here.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem games have been my favorite since a few years back when I got my first fire emblem, Fire Emblem: Awakening, for my Nintendo 3DS. This is why we should all be trying it this year.

With ratings of 4.8/5 from GameStop, 4.9/5 from BestBuy, and 9.5/10 from IGN, you know that the game must be pretty amazing. Luckily, I already know this, so I know for a fact that…

It Makes You Think!

If you are anything like me, it feels like my brain has depleted since I’ve been staying at home. And before Fire Emblem, I never had an interest in any strategy games…but this one is different. Fire Emblem doesn’t use strategy is an old timey game kind of way, and yet it does at the same time. The characters are relatable and having plenty of personality, the color scheme isn’t focused on the color brown, and you can create actual relationships between characters. There’s a lot more than a simple “this character goes here” to the general game mechanic. The developers know this too, and it shows. There’s a reason why it was voted Best Strategy Game at the Game Awards, people.

You’re a Leader.

Have you ever wanted to lead an entire army without the possibility of real people dying? Guess what? Now you can, even if you never thought you wanted to. You are the decision-maker, and you get to make the hard calls. And if you can’t take losing your virtual army, play in a more comfortable mode, it’s all up to you!

There are plenty of options.

Are you the kind of person who likes making choices and personalizing your Are you the kind of person who likes making choices and personalizing your game? Then this game may just be perfect for you. Don’t like someone in the game? Think a character is too weak? You don’t have to use them in your army. You have total control in Fire Emblem. Don’t you like one house? Well great! You’ll be fighting against the others anyways.

Learn more about the game or purchase it here.

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