The Art of Taking Opportunities

Published on 11 April 2020 by Kyla R.

Oh, the opportunities that will arise for you. Today, I’ve decided to write about the importance of not taking every deal or pouncing on every opportunity that passes your way.

Recently, I was offered an opportunity to write for a newer platform that I found interesting with a higher pay, but less exposure. It was to continue a previously written story, something I had never had experience with. Today’s post will explain why I decided to decline it.

There will be so many opportunities.

The opportunities you will receive may not always come in groups. Sometimes, it feels like the right job at the wrong time. Often times, people will take the opportunity because of how incredible it is, only to be miserable with the outcome.

Many people, especially those who are younger, don’t realize how long of a road we have ahead of us. Yes, it’ll go by quick. But just because you decline one that just doesn’t sit right with you, doesn’t mean no one else will ever give you one again!

Wait until the timing is right and it’s just that…right. You will know when it is and it’ll make you so much happier in the long run!

Is it something you’d like, or something that would look good?

As a premed, answering this question specifically is something I struggle with a lot. College, high school, and life in general will give you many choices. Some of the opportunities you take can lead to greater things such as internships and future job offers. But ask yourself one word…why?

Take a step back and make a pros and cons list. Money at the expense of discomfort, happiness, and time that could be used for activities you love is not worth it. Understand the difference between you truly being excited for the opportunity not because what it can give you in terms of resumes, but rather how it will allow you to improve on yourself and your skills.

What if I need the opportunity?

Don’t get me wrong. If you need a job, take it. But if you are comfortable where you’re at, learn how to be content with what you already have enough to keep pushing, but not to the point where you are unhappy with your own progress.

Being content and lazy are two different things. It is up to you to learn the difference! If you are happy where you are and don’t necessary need to opportunity with the feeling it may overwhelm you, don’t try pushing for it. You know yourself best, so you know what’s right for you.

I tried asking my boyfriend and other friends for advice. Regardless of all the variety advice I was given, I decided to go with my gut and decline the job. Now I will get to focus on the things that may not make me as much money, but make my heart skip a beat. I can say that I am generally happy with my decision. This is how you know you made the right choice. Guilt will surround you for a while, but in the end it will blow over.

Know What’s Necessary.

And what’s not. Not every opportunity will cater to your needs and what you want from it. If the opportunity seems too good to be true or not good enough, trust your gut to make your decision for you.

Having too many activities or interests may not seem overwhelming at first. It’s always possible to do it. But what are you sacrificing to do all the things you want or have agreed to? Don’t sacrifice your word and not such up places. Don’t sacrifice sleep, family, or friends. Don’t sacrifice doing the other things you love. Be sure to prioritize your activities and in turn, any new opportunities that may arise.

Next week you can look forward to some Episode tips again, TBA. If you are not following for episode, next week’s article may not be for you. Thank you for all the support I’ve been receiving on Instagram as well! I hope you’re enjoying both halves of me through my writing. Till then! ❤

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