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College Success Posts

The Art of Taking Opportunities

Oh, the opportunities that will arise for you. Today, I’ve decided to write about the importance of not taking every deal or pouncing on every opportunity that passes your way.

Credit: Make it or Break it

As an adult, your credit score can either help your future…or harm it. Here is an overview of what credit is, how to keep it high, and what it can do for you.

Self-Care Posts

Independence: Real v. Perceived

Whether you feel as if you’re dependent on your parents, friends, or partner(s)… Sometimes we all feel as if we aren’t contributing much to the pile.So how can you be more independent with the help of others? Here are some things that have helped me.

Episode Help

My Tips for New Authors

Are you interested in writing in an online community? Want to know some of my most repeated tips that I swear by after years of writing?